Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Volkswagen Corrado Vr6

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  • learning01
    05-11 01:21 PM
    I am trying but I am getting a busy tone.

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  • singhsa3
    09-05 07:31 PM
    Come on people, we are less than 2 weeks away from our destiny.
    All you have to do is to rise from your daily chores, just for one day and help make this event successful.

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  • newlife2
    09-19 10:41 PM
    Guys, I was just laid off and have efiled i539 3 days after the termination date for a status change to F2. Now working on the application letter. Do you think I should mention the layoff in the letter?

    If I do mention it:

    Con: The layoff might quickly catch the eyes of the immigration officer and if he want to check my status, he could find out the 3 days OOS.

    Pro: My previous job was well paid. By mentioning it, I give the reason that why I want to stay at home as F2 instead of keeping the well paid job.

    I guess I will mention it in the letter to explain the whole situation and hope everything will be all right. Let me know if anybody disagrees asap, I will mail out the stuff with in next two days.

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  • belmontboy
    04-30 12:13 PM
    We are a small group, and most of our provisions are reasonable, and hopefully we can get our provisions passed. I wish the same for the undocumented too. If it happens in one bill all the better!


    But Mr Gutierrez thinks otherwise. Hispanic Democrats know very well that if Legals get any reprieve, then the fate of undocumented provisions is for sure dead. That's why all legal provisions have been held hostage.

    Unfortunately, legal immigration doesnot have any representation in the senate to work for our interests.

    Suprisingly, majority of the Americans favor legal immigration over undocumented, and any legal provisions will have public support. A few senators are playing dirty politics and holding thousands of legalites ransom. If CIR fails, I would hope/pray these Hispanic Democrats don't get elected in mid-term so that we can move forward


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  • gcformeornot
    12-31 02:22 PM
    friends... its not going to affect IV agenda.... no law makers are working these days... we will try hard when they come back...... meanwhile few more clicks will secure your vote.... please do so.........

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  • vdlrao
    04-08 02:54 PM
    On Page 3 they say total Employement based preferences number was 162,176

    Than on page 6 they say total Employement based preferences number was 147,148

    147,148 is the limit for EB category where as 162,176 are actual issued visa numbers for fiscal year 2007


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  • NKR
    07-09 08:36 AM
    Dude, It is only fair to say that your employer is entitled to keep his money, but if you are worried about not having pay stubs to prove your continuous employment then you work it out with your employer, pay back his money and get your salary. It won�t be easy cause you have already pissed him off.

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  • satishku_2000
    08-01 04:01 PM
    How long it would take for me to know whether USCIS is accepted the response or not .. What is the process for MTR? Do USCIS issue NOID if they dont accept the response?


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  • GreenMe
    12-06 03:42 PM
    I think the salary is 38 Lakhs and not 70 lakhs

    Facebook offers Rs 38 lakh salary package to IIT students - LearnHub News (http://learnhub.com/news/1654-facebook-offers-rs-38-lakh-salary-package-to-iit-students)

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  • sunny1000
    11-19 06:23 PM
    Thanks everyone for replying. My I797 shows all the correct dates (ND and RD). Infact, the date online matches the notice date. So, I guess it is ok.


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  • nosightofgc
    08-16 07:53 PM
    First make sure if that was an arrest record or some thing else. During the interview process, they will ask the standard questions on I-485 form, which are like have you ever been arrested etc. Even though your lawyer may not present, you check with your lawyer what to answer for those questions. Even though you may not be knowing exactly what it is, it is better to get it clarified rather than learning during the interview process.

    Thank you all!. In my case only issue I can see is, when my wife travelled from India to US, at the port of entry customs check, they found some meat products. And they charged fine of $300 and we paid it. They also took copy of her passport and gave a letter (name is: Department of homeland security. U.S customs and border protection. Notice of alleged violation)

    It was my wife's mistake actually, she did not declared meat products in customs form.

    In the interview, if IO asks my wife about any violations or criminal records, does she has to give info on that port of entry incident? Will there be any negetive effects on this?

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  • gccube
    08-30 05:05 PM
    EB2 or EB3?


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  • tonyHK12
    10-11 12:58 PM
    minor correction, the bill number is S.1085. The thread heading says S.0185, which is actually rhode island medical marij***na :)..... well, its supposed to be a good pain killer.

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  • srinivas_o
    09-16 02:41 PM
    Thanks to all of you guys. Your responses makes me feel good about travelling to India. Once again, thank you.


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  • godspeed
    08-20 09:50 PM
    Totally agree on the information front.
    Our stress levels will be in control if everyone of us knows their case status.

    I dont understand the secrecy in providing the information which pertains to us, maybe they themselves dont have clear picture.

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  • lostinbeta
    10-04 01:43 AM
    Oh, that is awesome=)

    Congratulations on a job well done:)


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  • prince_waiting
    12-12 12:31 PM
    Montgomery - Huntsville = 190 miles
    Montgomery - Mobile = 170 miles
    Montgomery - Birmingham = 90 miles

    So effectively Montgomery is the center point and as suggested by cooldude** is a good meeting place.

    If the meet is convened in Birmingham then it is 260 miles one way distance for Mobile effectively dissuading any Mobile members from active participation.

    Your take on the meeting place guys.

    Looks like a toss up between Birmingham and Montgomery.

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  • singhsa3
    08-19 12:48 PM
    Yep, just passed level III , today. Now will start applying for the charter.
    good to find a fellow CFA candidate/member here... are you done with the exams?

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  • nhfirefighter13
    August 8th, 2005, 12:57 PM
    That's awesome! What made you think of doing that?

    11-01 06:26 PM
    I have seen many discussions were people talk about going to Canada, UK etc.

    It is good to know what your options are other than US.

    Anders �stberg
    May 3rd, 2005, 05:29 AM
    Nice work Anders. Personally, I pan for the stuff on the ground and leave the in air stuff static.That's probably a good approach, panning should be eaiser in the slower corners too.

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