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  • delax
    11-08 01:43 PM

    What that means is "All applications received before August 25, 2006 AND whose PD is current , are being processed"

    If your PD is 2003 but you filed your I-485 after Aug'2006 your app will not be adjudicated.
    If you filed before Aug'2006 but your PD is after Apr'2004, your app will not be adjudicated.

    If your PD is before Apr'2004 and you filed your app before August 25, 2006, your app will be adjudicated..

    This is to make sure people don't start expecting approvals and calling them left and right one day after filing if their PD is current. they need some time for every application, so they put in this 'processing date' which works in conjunction with 'priority date' to check if a case is approvable at any given time. They normally won't entertain calls enquiring about a case if the filing date does not fall within this processing date.

    I beg to differ - while your general premise is accurate, I know of at least half a dozen people who filed 485 in June 2007 and got appproved over the last two weeks from TX Service Center - I dont think Aug 2006 is a hard date - like many other things with USCIS - they have an irrational passion for NOT applying the FIFO principle and we are expected to digest this irrational passion of theirs with dispassionate rationality.

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  • gcdreamer05
    10-28 02:40 PM

    Iam starting this new thread so that people will know what are the pros and cons leaving a company once GC is approved.

    1.What are all the things to be noted while leaving the company after getting GC.

    2.To be specific how long a consultant should be with company after GC is approved.

    3.Also once GC is approved and if the consultant is off the payroll for say 2 to 3 months will there be any problem while filing for citizen ship.

    There is alreayd a thread in IV forums explaining in detail and discussing the pros and cons of this, please refer that......

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  • iamlost
    07-24 10:37 PM

    Don't panic. USCIS rarely reopens an approved GC (only in cases of fraud or misrepresentation). If you are talking about the online status, I would not pay too much attention to it as it gives incorrect info sometimes.

    If you or your company did actually receive a RFE in the snail mail, get in touch with a good attorney and contact USCIS to see what is going on.

    Alternatively, you can contact USCIS customer service yourself, to put your mind at ease.

    Good luck.
    I am wondering if this has anything to do with the erroneous 140 approvals from TSC. So, they revised all the approvals to pending status ... and my 2.5 old approved case also got in midst of it ... Hmmm !!! This is killing man .... No peace even after GC !

    TSC Erroneously Issues I-140 Approval eMails on Premium Processing Cases
    The Texas Service Center (TSC) advised in late July 2009 that eMail notifications have incorrectly been sent, which indicate approvals of Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker (I-140) cases. These eMails are originating from the Premium Processing Unit due to a technical problem. The system is issuing these eMails in error shortly after the transmission of the eMail receipt.
    Erroneous I-140 Approval eMails do not have a Priority Date
    The erroneous eMail does not contain a priority date or EB classification for the case. TSC is working to address the technical problem. Employers who are unsure about any such communication received from the TSC Premium Processing Unit can contact that unit at the eMail address or phone number provided on the I-140 receipt notice.
    This likely is annoying and frustrating to individuals who believed their I-140 approvals were received in record time, only to find out that the approval eMail notification was erroneous. Although not specifically stated in the information released by TSC, it appears that this problem has been limited to eMail notifications. There was no indication that any hard-copy approval notices have been issued in error. MurthyDotCom and MurthyBulletin readers will be advised of any further information on this topic, when it is made available.

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  • pappu
    11-10 10:57 PM
    USCIS Ombudsmun Report - Total I140 approved:

    2001: 99,659
    2002: 93,533
    Oct 2006 to April 2007: 65,098
    found this on another site


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  • srarao
    07-21 11:03 PM
    When I first took my medical tests for I-485 with a doctor, the doctor put an additional document stating that: "I have a positive PPD that was read as 9mm of induration. A NORMAL chest x-ray was read. The patient is refered to their PCP or County Health Department for evaluation and possible treatment with INH for 9 months".

    Now I received the RFE from CIS asking for the following:

    "The form I-693 submitted is hereby returned because you TB test results were not documented appropriately. Additional documentation submitted from Civil Surgeon indicates that you were possibly being refered to the County Health Department for evaluation and have received teh follow up treatment.
    The I-693 form must be properly endorsed by Civil Surgeon to reflect the following:

    -> The date you first refered to the local health dept for evaluation
    -> Name and address of the health dept
    -> results of the X-ray and other TB test
    -> Based on which you are medically cleared for adjustment status
    If anyone had similar experiences, please let me know how to proceed on this issue.

    PS: I got very late appointment with County Health department, so If I go to a private TB specialist and If I take the results to the original doctor and can he able to update my I-693 based on the TB specialist results?
    If I go on 9 month medication will CIS wait 9 months to further process my petition or hold my EAD status?
    If I go to a new doctor and If he gives me a new set of medical results, will CIS overlook previous doctor's comments?
    I dont have much time as I just had 20 days left to send back my results to CIS.

    Thanks for yor help.

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  • WeShallOvercome
    11-07 12:10 PM
    If EB2 PD is 1 APR 2004 then what does the ProcessingTimeFrame Date(August 25, 2006) mean for I-485 in Texas Service Center.

    Can anyone clarify. Guys exuse my Ignorance...I just want to know the rule


    What that means is "All applications received before August 25, 2006 AND whose PD is current , are being processed"

    If your PD is 2003 but you filed your I-485 after Aug'2006 your app will not be adjudicated.
    If you filed before Aug'2006 but your PD is after Apr'2004, your app will not be adjudicated.

    If your PD is before Apr'2004 and you filed your app before August 25, 2006, your app will be adjudicated..

    This is to make sure people don't start expecting approvals and calling them left and right one day after filing if their PD is current. they need some time for every application, so they put in this 'processing date' which works in conjunction with 'priority date' to check if a case is approvable at any given time. They normally won't entertain calls enquiring about a case if the filing date does not fall within this processing date.


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  • buddhaas
    02-02 03:57 PM
    Why Is H-1B A Dirty Word?
    By Eleanor Pelta, AILA First Vice President

    H-1B workers certainly seem to be under fire these days on many fronts. A new memo issued by USCIS on the employer-employee relationship imposes new extra-regulatory regulations on the types of activities in which H-1B workers can engage as well as the types of enterprises that can petition for H-1B workers. The memo targets the consulting industry directly, deftly slips in a new concept that seems to prohibit H-1B petitions for employer-owners of businesses, and will surely constitute an open invitation to the Service Centers to hit H-1B petitioners with a new slew of kitchen-sink RFE's. On another front, USCIS continues to make unannounced H-1B site visits, often repeatedly to the same employer. Apart from the "in-terrorem" impact of such visits, I personally cannot see the utility of three different visits to the same employer, particularly after the first one or two visits show that the employer is fully compliant.

    But USCIS isn't the only agency that is rigorously targeting H-1B's. An AILA member recently reported that CBP pulled newly-arrived Indian nationals holding H-1B visas out of an immigration inspection line and reportedly placed them in Expedited Removal. The legal basis of those actions is still unclear. However, the tactic is too close to racial profiling for my own comfort.

    Finally, recent H-1B "skirmishes" include various U.S. consular posts in India issuing "pink letters" that are, simply put, consular "RFE's" appearing to question the bona fides of the H-1B and requesting information on a host of truly repetitive and/or irrelevant topics. Much of the information that is routinely requested on a pink letter is already in the copy of the H-1B visa petition. Some of the letters request payroll information for all employees of the sponsoring company, a ridiculous request in most instances, particularly for major multi-national companies. One of the most frustrating actions we are seeing from consular officers in this context is the checking off or highlighting of every single category of additional information on the form letter, whether directly applicable or not, in effect a "paper wall" that must be overcome before an applicant can have the H-1B visa issued. Very discouraging to both employer and employee.

    How have we come to a point in time where the H-1B category in and of itself is so disdained and mistrusted? Of course I'm aware that instances of fraud have cast this category in a bad light. But I think that vehemence of the administrative attack on the H-1B category is so disproportionate to the actual statistics about fraud. And interestingly, the disproportionate heavy-handed administrative reaction comes not from the agency specifically tasked with H-1B enforcement—the Department of Labor—but from CIS, CBP and State. Sometimes I just have to shake my head and ask myself what makes people so darn angry about a visa category that, at bottom, is designed to bring in relatively tiny number of really smart people to work in U.S. businesses of any size. It has to be a reaction against something else.

    Yes, a great number of IT consultants come to the US on H-1B's. It is important to remember that so many of these individuals are extremely well-educated, capable people, working in an industry in which there are a large number of high profile players. And arguably, the high profile consulting companies have the most at stake if they do not focus on compliance, as they are the easiest enforcement target and they need their business model to work in the U.S. in order to survive. Some people may not like the business model, although arguably IT consulting companies provide needed services that allow US businesses, such as banks and insurance companies to focus on their own core strengths. Like it or not, though, this business model is perfectly legal under current law, and the agencies that enforce our immigration laws have no business trying to eviscerate it by policy or a pattern of discretionary actions.

    It is true that some IT consulting companies' practices have been the focus of fraud investigations. But DOL has stringent rules in place to deal with the bad guys. Benching H-1B workers without pay, paying below the prevailing wage, sending H-1B workers on long-term assignments to a site not covered by an LCA—these are the practices we most often hear about, and every single one of these is a violation of an existing regulation that could be enforced by the Department of Labor. When an employer violates wage and hour rules, DOL investigates the practices and enforces the regulations against that employer. But no one shuts down an entire industry as a result.

    And the IT consulting industry is not the only user of the H-1B visa. Let's not forget how many other critical fields use H-1B workers. In my own career alone, I have seen H-1B petitions for nanoscientists, ornithologists, CEO's of significant not for profit organizations, teachers, applied mathematicians, risk analysts, professionals involved in pharmaceutical research and development, automotive designers, international legal experts, film editors, microimaging engineers. H-1B's are valuable to small and large businesses alike, arguably even more to that emerging business that needs one key expert to develop a new product or service and get the business off the ground.

    The assault on H-1B's is not only offensive, it's dangerous. Here's why:

    * H-1B's create jobs—statistics show that 5 jobs are created in the U.S. for every H-1B worker hired. An administrative clamp-down in the program will hinder this job creation. And think about the valuable sharing of skills and expertise between H-1B workers and U.S. workers—this is lost when companies are discouraged from using the program.
    * The anti-H-1B assault dissuades large businesses from conducting research and development in the US, and encourages the relocation of those facilities in jurisdictions that are friendlier to foreign professionals.
    * The anti-H-1B assault chills the formation of small businesses in the US, particularly in emerging technologies. This will most certainly be one of the long-term results of USCIS' most recent memo.
    * The attack on H-1B's offends our friends and allies in the world. An example: Earlier this year India –one of the U.S.'s closest allies --announced new visa restrictions on foreign nationals working there. Surely the treatment of Indian national H-1B workers at the hands of our agencies involved in the immigration process would not have escaped the attention of the Indian government as they issued their own restrictions.
    * The increasing challenges in the H-1B program may have the effect of encouraging foreign students who were educated in the U.S. to seek permanent positions elsewhere.

    Whatever the cause of the visceral reaction against H-1B workers might be—whether it stems from a fear that fraud will become more widespread or whether it is simply a broader reaction against foreign workers that often raises its head during any down economy –I sincerely hope that the agencies are able to gain some perspective on the program that allows them to treat legitimate H-1B employers and employees with the respect they deserve and to effectively enforce against those who are non-compliant, rather than casting a wide net and treating all H-1B users as abusers.

    source link :

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  • avi101
    05-19 04:30 PM
    A few more questions:

    1. While the I-140 is pending, can I get a different lawyer to file the I-485?

    2. If I wait until the I-140 is approved and then get a different lawyer to process my I-485 (or do it myself), will this be a problem?

    3. Can my employer withdraw the I-140 AFTER it's been approved?

    Please advise me.

    1. Yes you can.. but how is it going to help? you still need your employer's support letter and I140 receipt notice. Read all the posts carefully.

    2. No problem. But why? Your employer is your 1st problem, lawyer 2nd. Lawyer is going to listen to your employer for labor and I140. They have to legally. you need to get the employment letter and I140 notice. Law firms and employer are not legally obligated to provide you I140 related information as its employer who is petitioning for you.

    3. Yes.


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  • enggr
    11-21 01:47 PM
    enggr: You have completed the course in 2000 (per course completion certificate), but your degree was awarded in 2002 after you completed a supplemental exam. Since the position requires a candidate who qualifies for EB2, USCIS will deny your 140 petition. IMHO, you will have to start your green card journey from scratch.

    Hi Wandmaker,
    thank you for paying attention to my thread. Did you mean the position requires a EB2 candidate because of the 5 years of required exp?
    I do have 5 years of exp, but its not progressive to graduation due to the 2000, 2002 issue. Also on the labor certification the employer has mentioned that he is ready to accept any alternative combination of experience/skills. Will this help? Please advice

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  • mariusp
    02-22 09:47 PM
    Yeah, I had to refresh the page a zillion times :) Ctrl F5

    Here are the PDFs I saved:

    I went to web site and it still shows Jan processing dates.
    How is it possible?


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  • sw33t
    05-07 12:25 AM
    The Civil Rights Division's Coordination and Review Section can handle individual complaints alleging discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, and religion by State and local law enforcement agencies that receive financial assistance from the Department of Justice.

    Most major city police departments receive grants from the DOJ.

    Here is the Dept. of Justice website giving more information -

    Don't try going to the department directly or filing a form directly. Not recommended as they will not be friendly.

    Also contact your local community organization leaders and let them know about the incident.

    It might be a good idea to setup a protocol or a process in place in the event something like this happens again. Memorize a contact number and educate your family members on what to do.

    Here is more information on your rights if you are detained or arrested -

    The above link is a compilation by the Maryland Bar Association but it is pretty close to what you can do and what you can't.

    File a complaint over here - if you live in a small town/city. Its Free.

    BTW, this is a very popular technique to evict a neighbor who is not wanted around. :) But then again, I might be speculating about your living situation.

    I hope you did not commit an act of domestic violence.

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  • snram4
    01-19 09:42 PM
    People voted Obama just for economy and jobs. I remember when Paulin was announced GOP was leading for 2 weeks. When Stock market started tanking with demise of Lehmen GOP started losing. Imstead of not concentrating on economy he started working on healthcare. So democrats lost. In this situation he will realise now and he will take economy as first priority and immigration will be last 10th priority. Immigration group may have defend many anti immigrant bills and memos in this year. But nothing will be passed either for or against immigrants. Status quo will continue for 2010. This nov Election results will decide CIR 20111

    Every other year, there is election and only this damn. election drives what is done and what is not done in congress year after year. The good old time, bills are passed that are important and good for the general people and this some times was not popular, but now only the issues popular are are being taken and rather than voting on what is good, the law makers tend to go with what people like, and people's likes and dislikes keep changing and the same change work against them sometimes. Also people on one area does not like what is liked in other area and when we have a product that contains both, well the same people now unite and start to not like the final product and this goes on ..... It is same CHANGE that President Obama mentions too often, but the same change is Now liked by Republicans, and Dems did not like the change this time around. Also with the communication revolutions, the election campaign seems to have become much much long.... And Oh !! Well... now our President apart from Health Care Reform, Immigration Reform and climate change issue, also need to work on his re-election from now on, if he doesn't want the change he loves some much, in White House in 2012 election... HOPE - at least people in this group, see CHANGE for better, CHANGE from AOS to LPR .... Now, let us see what will this loss of filibuster majority by Dems do in the interim.... Only time can tell. Change we can believe in !!!


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  • brij523
    02-17 10:10 AM
    Test Siganture

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  • ilikekilo
    06-07 04:16 PM
    I agree 100% with jthomas above...moving from a secured job is not advisable in this market..I lived in Atlanta for a few years recently and can shed some light on the place..

    Even if you have a secured job/contract, it would take a while to get into the new work environment and unless you are absolutely undisposable, you would be on the list of maybe's being a new-hire.

    I will leave the job judgement upto you..

    Regarding the place..

    I moved from chicago to atlanta as well...the place is quite warm and not too hot like dallas...greener and more relaxed..

    Again this depends on your job, dunwoody is a better is in north suburbs..unlike chicago, you can drive downtown to work if you are working downtown...and also unlike chicago most companies in downtown have their own parking and you dont have to pay extra..

    Rent is cheap..I used to rent a townhome in chicago suburbs for 1500$ and I can get a townhome in downtown atlanta for 1000$ can calculate from that..

    though I lived downtown atlanta for a while..i strongly suggest if you have family to avoid living in is not safe and not a place for kids and family to relax and roam around...

    I dont know how long you lived in chicago..but once you move you will definitely miss the vibrant life of chicago...atleast i did..lot of indian restaurants in atlanta but none of them are decent...

    positives: weather, cost of living
    negatives: avg. city life, lesser job opportunities(compared to chicago)

    I am not sure which way my suggestions tilt above..just a disclaimer..i lived in chicago for ~6yrs and absoutely love the place...that might have clouded my judgement a bit..but you can take what suits you from it...

    good luck and plan wisely!!

    thanks for sharing ur insight..iam in Chicago, althought not right in downtown, I do agree with the vibrant nature of the city and people in it...cant beat the commute facilities too, downsides, yes, terrible terrible winters, high cost of living...etc..its JUne and it still low 50's..:)


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  • Dandruff
    02-11 09:55 AM
    Once you strart using EAD your H1 will be terminated. If you want to switch to H1 again your need to apply for fresh H1 in the new quota. You cant renew because its terminated.

    Hmm... I agree with : "Once you strart using EAD your H1 will be terminated."

    what I dont agree with is : "If you want to switch to H1 again your need to apply for fresh H1 in the new quota."

    You can reapply for H1-B but you are NOT subject to H1-B cap / quota.
    It should not be subject to the annual cap unless you have been out of the U.S. for at least one year since you were last in H-1B status.


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  • rock945
    02-21 12:21 PM
    that is for last month updated jan 17,2007 not for feb?
    Now it is updated for Feb.


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  • mhathi
    02-25 02:51 PM
    The processing date listed is the received date of the oldest case that they have not adjudicated or pre-adjudicated yet (maybe due to some problem). It does not mean that cases filed after April 2007 are or will not be adjudicated.

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  • ski_dude12
    10-15 02:17 PM
    It is possible that since you are on H1 they might have assumed that your employer filed for your GC.

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  • go_guy123
    04-19 12:08 AM
    Hi Folks,

    My fiancee is a MS student and currently has student loan in India being charged at 13.5%. I am wondering if there is any loan that i can get here with a lower interest rate to repay off the one in india.
    I would appreciate any pointers or suggestions here.

    in 2007 fellow indian international students in Canada used to get loan from

    but in 2008 that was closed. However you can call and find out from them.
    With the credit crisis I am not sure if they give anymore. ask if u cosign then can they give or not

    07-13 10:34 AM
    I suggest to wear suits (black,grey,brown ,..yaa dark) this way it looks organized and looks diffrent to draw attention.

    { and in this way bayarea guys can utilize their old suits :) }

    06-26 03:30 PM
    Does IV have a summarized copy of the new proposed bill and the amendments?If you do, can you please post it for our understanding of the pros/cons of this bill

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