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  • puvathoor
    02-17 09:02 AM
    Even if Charles did say that EB2 India / China will have a cut off date of Dec 2003, how come the lawyers did not question him on this logic?

    EB2 India was U from Feb 2008... The way I (and most people) interpreted that was that all visas for FY 2008 were used up... The possibility of new visas was only through spillover from other categories (or recapture of unused visas from other years).

    What's happening here that after being moved to Jan 2000 before becoming U in Feb, suddenly things are moving all the way to 2003.

    While I would love for this to happen, this seems to be a very remote possibility.

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  • avi101
    05-19 04:10 AM
    Here's my 2c
    - I guess you may already be aware that you can file I485 only if your PD is current.
    - Don't delay applying for your I140. Atleast get that going. The more you delay, the more things may change, rules may change at USCIS.. you never know. Plus, once you get your I40 approved and if you decide to quit your current employer you should be able to port your Priority Date. (There are conflicting opinions on what happens should the employer revoke your I140, so research more on that.) If DOL comes out with rule to end labor substitution, then your employer wont have any benefit in revoking your I140. A decision on labor substitution may be coming soon.
    - Beside the I140 application notice, you also need employment support letter from your employer for your I485 as yours is an employment based GC. Your employer can delay all they want. My suggestion would be get in good terms with him\her (I know its difficult but suck up for some time), see if you can work out an NON-WRITTEN agreement on continuing to work for an extended period of time. If you put something in writing saying that you wont work afte r x number of months, it could potentially hurt you. GC needs good faith intent from both employer and beneficiary. Your employer can use that against you. Also, if there are any I140 RFEs you may still need your employer's help.

    So don't burn bridges if you can. If you can't tolerate your employer any more, atleast try to get your I140 applied and approved so that you have a shot at retaining your PD.

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  • dazed378
    03-29 09:51 PM
    snathan and number30, thanks a lot for your valuable input :).

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  • cool_guy_onnet1
    06-01 01:45 PM
    Are you sure of this? I, of course, hope you are right. It would be great!
    Please post this where it's VISIBLE


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  • pointlesswait
    04-20 09:03 AM
    Dude,... Fasa is only for US citizens..
    and even the banks will reject you if u dont have a GC..

    You get only a personal loan....or personal line of credit..from MBNA...(best option)

    Pvt. student loans ...from stopped since nov. last year.

    Google for FASA and try to fill in the application for federal aid online. It will most probably be rejected as federal government does not provide loans for foreign students. But you need to fill in this to apply for loan in any major banks like chase, bank of america or wells fargo, salli Mae etc.

    After you get rejection from FASA call any of the major banks and try for a loan. If you have a guarantor in United States with good credit score the loan will easily get approved. Even if you dont have some guarantee, just call these banks and give it a try. Who knows, you may be lucky and you might get a loan.

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  • Madhuri
    04-06 10:05 PM
    Is the bill really dead? There is a different news on Yahoo.
    Can anybody explain?


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  • bheemi
    03-15 11:05 AM
    I dont think anybody pushing forward about this issue..Filing of 485 during retrogression..
    Immigration Voice :
    Is there any scope any where to add this to current bill...are our immigration voice working towards this issue at all...if so can you pls let us know what you are doing for this issue..because I did not see anywhere updates from immigration voice ..or any ammendments on this issue..

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  • pani_6
    12-07 10:50 PM
    Please post the name,PH#,state of the senator..for making it easy for others to call please.....

    Row the boat we are almost there


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  • milind70
    12-03 08:32 AM
    I had very very bad experience in Mumbai. I had lost my all documents except passport .Keep ur Documents all the time with you no matter what situation would be. Look for good safe hotel don’t go after chip hotel. One more thing keep all your valuables in secured place.

    At consulate experience was pleasant.

    This case u described is common and applicable to any city in world/India so please dont single out Mumbai. It is a fine city.

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  • leoindiano
    07-12 10:04 AM
    DOS chief is a puppet for republican government. He is neck deep on the attorney's firing case.

    They thought they can keep us quite by opening gates. Then CIR died. Then they closed the gates.


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  • optimystic
    09-21 11:59 PM
    Several people have said the need and craving for GC is just in one's state of mind. And that one can do a lot of things without GC, move around freely with EAD+AC21 and that even after getting GC , people who have no drive/vision/talent, will see no sudden change/bright future just because now they have GC in hand.

    I agree with all the above arguments.

    But I also want to add that having GC or for that matter having anything (like money, good wife/family, good job) etc is about having MORE options and FREEDOM of choice at your disposal, and less things to worry about.

    While EAD+AC21 gives you a lot of freedom
    You still have to worry about
    - Timely renewal of EAD
    - Timely renewal of AP
    - Worry about being hassled when entering via AP.
    - Not able to do a second side job
    Others can say that people who worry, always have reasons to worry. And I don't debate that :) . But bottom line, its about having more options at your disposal. May be not everyone will use those options effectively once its in their hands. But to those who want to, and capable of using them, its a loss by not having those options in hand.

    Thats what GC means to me.

    On the other hand...Its just the current state of mind...

    You are asking 'What is GC, is it worth it?'. But you don't ask the same thing about other 'What is Money, is it worth it?' !! 'What is family, is it worth it?'

    But people do enter a state of mind, where other things become more important to them than what is important to you or me (like money, family....GC etc).

    Vivekanada was a wealthy , happily married Narendranath at one point in his life. But after he met Paramahamsa and got set on spiritual path, he renounced money (!), family (!!) and everything else...for what his mind was set on at that time. I am sure he would have asked himself "What is money?" , "What is family" ?

    You or me may never reach that kind of "Viragya", but I am sure we will pass thru stages in life, where GC, or Money, or Cozy life in US will mean nothing to us. All you want might be to have a good health, peaceful retirement, be close to your wife, and close to your son/daughter/grandkids who may be far away from you like you now are far from your parents !

    Despite being aware of all this, I am sure tomorrow you and I are going to log in to IV for some interesting bit of info, going to check for LUD, or check the processing/visa date bulletin. Thats because we are human. And I am not ashamed of it because I know I am not obsessive about it, atleast not yet :)

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  • immiguy
    07-20 05:03 PM
    her priority date is march 2005 .and they filed for AoS on july 2nd.Her due date is november of this year. I am guessingt hat their 485 will not be approved november of this year.So, they can bring the child on h4 into the country. but then if their 485 gets approved in a year of 18 months-- what happens to the child? How does the child apply ?family based? in that case, the child will ahve to go out of the country for a long time, till the GC is approved- right?


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  • snathan
    04-08 04:08 PM
    Visa Bulletin For May 2011 (

    Employment- Based All Chargeability Areas Except Those Listed
    1st C C C C C
    2nd C 01AUG06 01JUL06 C C
    3rd 22AUG05 15APR04 15APR02 08SEP04 22AUG05
    Other Workers 08SEP03 22APR03 15APR02 08SEP03 08SEP03


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  • nixstor
    05-14 07:28 PM
    This is totally ludacris to me. Even though the bulletin expects movement going forward, there is no assurance that the dates will not go back. On the flip side, I am wondering if USCIS/DOS wanted to fully utilize the 140K visas this year and just moved the dates too much ahead. If thats the case, the dates might not move again or retrogress back further. DOS official Oppenheimer mentioned that atleast 10-11k were wasted last year. I still feel that the dates are going to go back some time sooner or later without congressional law changes.

    This means that we have to stay put and work towards our common goal of getting the system fixed.


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  • rakesh_uvce
    10-10 09:01 AM
    hi mpadapa,

    I couldnt find that question. Do you know aapprox what time after the conference call started or the name of the guy who posted that question?

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  • glamzon
    07-19 10:59 PM
    Chicago - Yes (Hope Exists)
    Atlanta - No


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  • gsc999
    01-25 08:18 PM

    THAT is the spirit, thank you my friend!

    The drive will happen on
    all weekday evenings (5pm - 7pm)
    Tuesday 1/29/2008- Friday 2/8/2008

    Are you a part of the NorCal yahoogroup?

    Thanks again!

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  • Soul
    05-27 05:27 PM

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  • Ramba
    12-22 07:13 PM
    If a person has filed I-485 at least 6 months back and got laid off from job,
    How much time does the rule permit to find another similar job and use AC 21.

    Is this similar to H1B grace period or say no grace period.


    Unlike H1B, at the time of layoff, if 485 is pending more than 6 months, you are still in legal status, (in h1b case there is no grace period). There is no time limit to find a similar job. You can stay at home for till your 485 approval, with legal status. Having said that, if INS asks for a eveidence of full time-permanat job you should be in a postion to show the job offer. In simple terms, tou should have a vaild job offer at the time of approval of your 485.

    08-21 10:24 PM
    Congrats. on getting out of the queue!

    Was your a physician HPSA NIW or another type of NIW?

    No my NIW area was engineering (technology - data security)

    06-20 12:46 PM
    I believe H1/H4 has nothign to do with I485 application. You can file for her 485. Since she is on h1, you should mention h1 for Adavane parol. Since she has h1 stamped and can travel outside, advance parol is not required now. You can apply for AP any time while 485 is pending.

    and since we are filing for AP now, i'd mention H4 on AP. is it right?

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