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Nissan Maxima 2004 Se

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  • saileshdude
    05-15 09:42 AM

    If your case is genuinely true then you should not have a issue scanning the RFE as is and posting it . You can take out your name and personal info but leave everything else intact if you want to. Also did you contact IV members like Pappu if you really need help. If you indeed got this kind of RFE then you should not hesitate to contact them.

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  • mnq1979
    12-11 01:19 PM
    I have recently completed my MBA(Finance) through online university and tell u guys wat its really nice and tough. so go for it
    its devry university with the mba school name KELLER GRADUATE SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT...make a serach on yahoo n u will get it

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  • anindya1234
    07-17 10:08 PM
    I-140 was from TSC; I filed on July 2..but the employment letter was addressed to NSC. Will that be a problem?

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  • belmontboy
    04-10 06:56 PM
    There should be tighter provisions against multiple applications [via multiple employers]. it prone to abuse - as a way to increase chances of lottery [as it happened this yr].

    There is no real justification in multiple applications - though one might argue otherwise. In the end, the candidate has to work for only one employer.

    Interesting stats would be how many mulitple employers applications were filed per candidate, not sure if uscis publishes them!


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  • stuckinmuck
    05-30 01:27 PM
    Have written to my Immigration Coordinator who will confirm with the company lawyer if this rule applies to 'pending' I-140 approvals or will 'filed' and 'approved' I-140 (prior to May-15-07) be safe.

    Will let you know his response.

    Contribution so far: $1000
    Webfaxes sent to all Senators
    Emails sent to Senators, Representatives, Reporters

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  • arrarrgee
    07-17 02:39 PM
    I second that...Why should there be a link between his req and his contribution? If we are able to answer/clarify whatever doubt he has..probably he would see the value in continuing with the group and probably contribute too...else no first timers would ever wanna join us

    can you please help me link the connection between my request and my contribution to IV? I fail to undersand your point!


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  • vallabhu
    01-31 04:57 PM
    Will accept any suitable combination of Education , training or expeirence in lieu of stated requirements.

    If you have more than three years of experience before applying for Labor you are fine else you might get a query and if you answer with education evaluation proving that your study and exp is equivalent to 4 year bachelor you will b fine.

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  • vin13
    09-30 08:03 AM
    :( I just got an RFE on my case...I had 2 soft LUD from past 2 days and now the status says "Request for additional evidence sent."

    I have used AC21 to change jobs but I am still on H1....Now i am worried.


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  • voldemar
    03-27 08:30 AM
    you can volunteer for your future employer as long as there is no financial transactions involved.Then you are replacing american guy.

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  • ItIsNotFunny
    10-13 03:25 PM
    Doesn't matter casuals or formals.

    Casuals - most of the IOs don't mind.

    Formal - everyone likes it. I would rather go for formal to be on safe side.


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  • roseball
    08-04 07:46 PM
    well, i realistically see two options here:

    1. Get your family here ASAP and apply COS for all. If your COS gets approved, most likely theirs will get approved as well. You can do yours in premium and theirs by regular. As long as they get the receipt within 2 months, they'll be in status.
    2. You can apply COS for yourself in premium and ask your family to stamp H4. If they get stuck in 221g, then it could be months before they get here. That's the downside.

    Your L1 visa stays if your COS gets rejected, so you don't have to leave immediately.

    If you file a L1 - H1 COS under premium processing and also file dependent petitions (H4) at the same time, even dependent petitions will be premium processed at no additional cost. In other words, you only pay $1000 towards your H1 premium processing and USCIS will also approve all dependent petitions. But you need to file them along with your H1. If you first file your H1 under premium processing and later H4s, then your H1 will only be premium processed.

    If I were you, I would get my family here on L visa and then file all the COSs at once.

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  • gc_check
    04-12 03:32 PM
    Two Days Left for Submission of Comments to DOL on Substitution Elimination Proposed Rule....

    IV Members, what do you folks think?

    I suggest elimination of labour substitution is good for many of us and also help avoid people getting into the GC line in front of many people waiting for years, Many companies and attorney's suggest the labour substituion must be allowed, but I think the opposite... Any comments on this


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  • BhanuPriya
    01-12 03:44 PM
    Received I140 Approved Documents using FOI Act.

    I use to suffer from my rough Employer (Desi), who never used to give me any of my Immigration Documents including Approved H1 dosument. I asked him to give atleast my H1 document so that I can go for Visa Stamping. He is such a bloody rough and he wants me to stay with him as bonded labor. I used to beg my Salary every month and never use to get my payment what I need to receive.
    Meanwhile, I heard about FOI (Freedom of Information Act) and applied for it in 7 months back for the Approved I140 Documents. I applied for it and forget. To my surprise I received all the I140 related Approved documents yesterday evening. I have already changed that rough Employer without Approved H1 Notice. Now, I am very happy person working for a nice and decent Employer.

    Thanks to all supporters/friends who work in these forums providing Information for the benefit of other people.

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  • thesparky007
    06-06 02:44 PM
    mine are not on there?
    you are kidding


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  • sabr
    09-19 06:06 PM
    company A applied for my GC. They cant provide me jobs.
    I am working with company B as a contractor (corp to corp with company A and B).. project will finish in a month. already did not work for 12 months even though my I-485 is pending with company A.

    now company B offered me to work perm with them by using EAD. while my H1b renewal is pending with company A.

    can I work with B while A is still my sponsoring company.
    my Q is once h1b approves lets say in a month and renewal for 1 year( can I work with B with EAD for like another 6-8 months and then go out and reenter for H1b with A?

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  • waitingnwaiting
    01-19 12:32 PM
    Let us start a thread to list of EB3 Immigrants that have done well in USA.

    We always say Einstein or Noble prize winner names. But those people are EB2 or EB1. What about EB3 that is most backlogged. There will be lot of great people who came in this category. Let us find their names and list here.


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  • funny
    09-16 12:31 PM
    Everything else can wait till tomorrow....All the "Help needed..." Threads and "HOW USCIS Sucks..." "Please Help.." threads can wait till tomorrow....Only thing that matters today is YOUR phone Call...

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  • radhay
    05-15 12:13 PM
    I think there can be only one AOS pending however you should be able to replace underlying 140 with another. Not sure how to go about.
    Thanks for your reply.

    My understanding is there can be only one AOS at any time.

    - So if the AOS is applied based on the EB3 140, can another AOS be filed based on EB2?

    - If a AOS has been applied based on EB3, can it be "upgraded" to EB2 ??


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  • sanin
    01-16 05:51 PM

    I was working with company A since June to Dec 07. and Now I got offer with company B which they are filing my H1 transfer.

    but i dont have the last 2 months (Nov & Dec) paystubs from company A (have paystubs from June to Oct). because my employer always give me latest 2 months the paystubs but i have proof of Bank Acccount mentioning the payroll information in bank account for month of Nov & Dec 07.

    So does the Bank Account statement will be valid for H1 transfer ?

    Please reply me ASAP.

    07-16 02:28 PM
    How can you say that ? Please explain

    Dude. He was joking.

    03-01 06:19 PM
    Look at what NumbersUSA has got to say about the effectiveness of its mass faxing/emailing strategy...


    From: Roy Beck, President, NumbersUSA
    Date: Wednesday 1MAR06 5:30 p.m. EST

    Day 3-----Media confirm your calls/faxes making a difference in fighting Specter's amnesty


    "Despite the breadth of interest groups
    advocating an expanded guest-worker program,
    the enforcement-only crowd makes considerably
    more noise on Capitol Hill, if the flood
    of mail, e-mail and phone calls to member
    offices is any indication."

    The power of what you are doing has been confirmed in a big story in The Hill newspaper. This daily publication is the community newspaper for the tens of thousands of people who work in congressional offices on Capitol Hill.

    It claims that the power of your phoning and faxing may be countering the power of the Chamber of Commerce, religious lobbies, ethnic lobbies, ACLU and cheap-labor corporations combined.

    With the Senate Judiciary Committee prepared to start tomorrow (Thursday) voting on amendments to the giant amnesty bill of its chairman, Sen. Specter, the newspaper stated that the open borders positions are supported by one of the largest and most powerful blocs of groups ever assembled.

    But the newspaper reported that you all may be more influential:

    "A handful of single-issue groups opposing
    the guest-worker program have effectively
    put the other side on the defensive since
    President Bush first announced his intentions
    to push comprehensive immigration reform, as
    evidenced by the administration's backtracking
    since Bush first proposed such a program in
    January 2004.

    "One of those groups, Numbers USA, has 135,000
    registered activists throughout the country and
    an e-mail list in excess of 1 million subscribers,
    all of whom have signed up voluntarily, said
    Caroline Espinosa, a spokeswoman for the group.
    A link on the Numbers USA website also allows browsers
    to fax a personal note to members of Congress in
    support of increased enforcement of illegal immigration."

    None of this changes the fact that most Senators want to have 2 million to 3 million foreign workers and their families being added to our laborforce and communities each year.

    But we are getting reports from the Hill and from many of you that many of them are starting to show some signs of concern about how their open-borders voting may affect their standing back home.

    We don't like being called "anti-immigration," but we like what the reporter said he found in talking to people in the Senate:

    "The anti-immigration crowd has political momentum
    at this stage in the fight, with congressional
    Republicans wary to cast any vote that could turn
    off their conservative base during this critical
    election year, but members will also have a hard
    time ignoring such a broad cross-section of business,
    labor and social groups with their own self-interested

    Now, if we could just get more Democratic Senators to start worrying about their base.

    Well, we got a little sign of hope on that front today. The AFL-CIO -- which is selling out its tradition and its American members by pushing an amnesty -- has come out against Specter's and McCain's amnesty bills because they have gigantic foreign guestworker programs. That gives hope that some Democratic Senators would vote against these bills. And it is doubtful that the Republican open-border Senators would vote for an amnesty that didn't include the guestworker provisions so sought by the Chamber of Commerce.


    What you have been doing is working. You have kept phones and fax machines ringing since first-thing Monday morning through this minute. Do not let up.

    Click here for actions to take.


    Our seven-person Capitol Hill Team of professionals will be in the Committee Room and other key Capitol Hill locations all day assisting our six-person Website Team to provide you with updates and help in where your activism can do the most good.

    The reason you NumbersUSA activists are seen as the primary constituency pressure force on the Hill in pushing sensible immigration policies is because of the work that I know most of you will do tomorrow.

    Just go to our Hot Topics page, which has links for detailed analysis of the bill.


    Thanks for all you can do. And thanks for all the reports that you have been sending back to us on what you hear when you call. Our Capitol Team makes good use of your reports.


    -- ROY

    If you have time, you might enjoy reading some more of The Hill article:

    "Numbers USA also does objective and subjective
    summaries of each bill introduced on the issue
    and notifies subscribers in advance of any
    important actions on Capitol Hill, such as this
    week's markup. As such, the group was expected to
    send an alert asking those supporters living in
    states represented by members of the Senate
    Judiciary Committee to call or fax their members
    in anticipation of that markup.

    "Battling with groups like Numbers USA is an
    uncommon experience for many members of the business
    community because they do not regularly work on
    such socially sensitive topics.

    "We don't usually end up on the other side of single-issue groups," Gay said. "That's unusual for us."

    * * * * *

    "The National Restaurant Association usually does not join forces with the National Council of La Raza, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce rarely, if ever, aligns itself with the Conference of Catholic Bishops.

    "But those organizations and many others have come together in support of a comprehensive immigration-reform bill that would expand guest-worker programs and offer undocumented workers already in this country a path to citizenship. They are up against an aggressive cross-section of single-issue organizations that favor increased enforcement of immigration laws and have condemned any legislation that would allow undocumented workers already here eventually to become citizens.

    "With the Senate Judiciary Committee expected to mark up its version of the immigration bill Thursday, groups on either side of the issue have geared up for a hard fight, and the vehemence and intractability of either side should make compromise particularly difficult for lawmakers on Capitol Hill.

    "A unique coalition of divergent interest groups have rallied in support of a bill introduced by Sens. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.).

    "he fact that the Chamber of Commerce needs comprehensive immigration reform is very good," said Flavia Jimenez, an outreach director for the National Council of La Raza, a Hispanic advocacy organization.

    "Members of the business community also appreciate working with groups such as La Raza because it allows the overarching coalition to communicate with Republicans and Democrats alike on Capitol Hill.

    "It's nice actually to get to work with these guys," said John Gay, a senior vice president for government affairs with the National Restaurant Association, which co-chairs the Essential Worker Immigration Coalition (EWIC), a group of more than 40 business and trade associations seeking comprehensive reform.

    "Because the many groups within this broad coalition have slightly different priorities, they must communicate regularly to push common themes. In the end, these organizations are all fighting for what they consider the best interests of their dues-paying members.

    "Despite the breadth of interest groups
    advocating an expanded guest-worker program,
    the enforcement-only crowd makes considerably
    more noise on Capitol Hill, if the flood
    of mail, e-mail and phone calls to member
    offices is any indication."

    This may be a good time for you to make sure that you've let us know all of the areas you are interested in. In order to further customize the type of alerts you receive click here http://www.numbersusa.com/survey?action=longlist

    As a NumbersUSA subscriber, you will receive occasional emails about immigration-related opportunities. If you want to increase or reduce the frequency of these emails, click here and choose from Total Activism, Moderate Activism, or Limited Activism at the bottom of your registration form: http://www.numbersusa.com/user

    NumbersUSA - relies upon individuals like you to reach its goal of an environmentally sustainable and economically just America.

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