Wednesday, June 15, 2011

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  • tonyHK12
    11-30 09:14 PM
    We need to get all these businesses to join together with Immigration voice and support us by lobbying and funding.
    No Great H-1b will come here if its going to take 10-20 years to get a Green card.
    I would suggest, lets have another action item to write to these companies about IV and ask for their help for Legal Immigrants that everyone needs.
    This is a big thing that is missing so far.
    See how the president of the Agricultural board, unions appear on TV asking for support for illegals and also get invited to Congress.

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  • jonty_11
    01-18 01:06 PM
    did u call 18003755283....and given them this receipt number...
    how abt interim EAD...did u ask for that?
    I heard they stopped issueing those...

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  • sebstence
    03-04 11:02 PM
    I think the answer is yes.

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  • langagadu
    06-12 05:56 PM
    Paaji msingh, Try contacting Manmohan Singh.


    While in the process of filing for labor certification my company has found 2 suitable citizens who are eligible for the job.

    Now what are my options going forward and how does this affect my chances of a successful PERM filing ??

    I'm filing in EB3 category right now. Also I need to file for labor before oct since my H1 will expire its original 6 year length next Oct (Oct 2010).


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  • GC08
    02-04 05:02 PM
    I don't think Americans are that short sighted or narrow minded to want to steal your social security money. I know, i read a lot of press releases on how their social security is in a mess. They will fix it. I have no doubt about it.
    Who thought India would be in such a limelight and then go on to be economic power before year 2000?
    In a short span of 6-7 years the whole world changed. Coming to social security, by the time you will be in need of Social security, it will be decades and that is lot of time for a change. Who knows, we may be even taking a flight to Mars or worse 'nuked'.

    Just be positive and drink a high gravity beer.

    How do you know that they are not? Look at all the deficits, the American government is going to bankcrupcy if nothing is done. I recently read some article talking about American professors/researchers went to other places, like Austalia, for jobs because their research funding was cut.

    Americans are very "near-sighted", to some extent. For issues like legal immigrants, they do not need to be far-sighted and worst, to think about you cause you are just one of the persons in the labor pool for American companies to use. Sometime ago, I heard on NPR talking about those Mexican migrant workers. Basically, Americans brought them to America during the time of labor shortage and kicked them out like trash during tough times.

    That's always the case.. You are here for Americans to use ... wether you are farmers or professionals. My supervisors once even said that new comers had always been at the bottom of America.

    Being positive is one thing, being realistic is another. :cool:

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  • vinzak
    01-20 04:14 PM
    I have observed that typically after becoming great, have a tendency to hide his/her EB3 roots. I mean, who'll hire you as a CEO or rocket scientist if they knew you used to be an EB3.

    Obama's father was a Kenyan EB3, but Obama insists his father was an EB2. The labor certification that the white house has put out for Barack Obama is clearly a fake.

    It's sad but true, America still judges you not by the content of your character but the color of your labor certification.

    I propose that EB3s append "EB3" to their name (like Ganesh Teesravarg ME(Comp Sci.), EB3) so that they get more visibility, and ppl realize they live among us, and with some help can actually be productive members of society.


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  • seahawks
    07-21 09:52 AM
    I still can't imagine Sen Hillary Clinton did not support legal immigrations..hmm, may be when we send it to Obama, he can take it up with his opponent to get her support too.. who knows, it is all a tricky issue

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  • Maverick_2008
    02-22 09:32 PM
    Even TSC is getting s..l..o..w now for 140.


    485: went from May 24 to April 10, 2007 :(
    140: June 23, 2007
    485: July 30, 3007
    140: Jan 22, 2007


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  • pointlesswait
    06-17 11:30 AM
    i know that there was post on the forum what to say..when you call..cant find it now..
    can anyone post the link here..plz!

    Don't think that your call doesn't matter.. They do take the number of person called for the same issue and this is the response i got from CHC Dennis Cardoza's office...

    Dennis Cardoza : Well aware of the bills, i was number 15 for friday the 13th and when i asked for total number, she said we have received 100 or so calls for these bills....

    And two or three lawmakers office said that we are reviewing the bills at the moment.. so definitely a positive sign...

    So grab your phone and reach out to house reps... Just try to call 2 members and i bet that you will finish the rest of the calls and you'll reply to my message so you can share your experience and encourage others.

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  • rajs
    04-04 03:43 PM
    my case is pending from 2004
    visa numbers for PD are current but still no action on my case
    i dint even get a reply for the enquire i made in Jan 2009
    so for me its like a showoff story by USCIS :confused:


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  • rsdang
    08-25 02:06 PM
    I work for Company A, applied i-485 and both got EAD & AP.She is the dependent.
    My Wife works for Company B which sponsored her H1.

    So, I guess she cannot continue to work on H1(company B) upon returning using AP(got as my dependent thru Company A) !!!?? am I correct?

    She can work for any company she wants... her EAD is not limited to any job/profession... So she can work for Company B or C or D

    PS - My wife works for company B using AP/EAD that came as a result of my I485 done by my employer. So she should enter on AP and use EAD to work. No issues. She can always have the H1 in her back pocket for back up... I would consult a lawyer if I were you before using the H1...

    She can not get an H4 though... thats seen as abandoning your AOS status...

    Hope this helps...

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  • kondur_007
    09-22 09:58 AM
    I have a pending I-485 application (EB-3) and effective Oct 1, my PD will be current. My application has been pending for more than six months already so I will be covered by AC21. I never worked for my sponsoring employer but will be as soon as I get my GC.

    I have a feeling that my green card is just around the corner. Spoke to my employer yesterday about my employment with them and it looks like they are changing their minds about hiring me.

    I am so worried. Anybody in the same situation? What do I do? Will I lose the green card?

    Well, you have two options:

    1. Use AC 21 (I am assuming your 140 is approved and 485 is filed more than 6 months ago) and move to another employer BEFORE the approval of GC. With this option, neither you nor your employer would have any obligation for the job after GC approval. Your AC 21 employer is now the "new permanent job" for you after GC approval.

    2. If you have good terms with the employer, ask them to hire you for at least 1-2 months after GC approval and then "fire" you. This way you would be safe. (it was not your fault but the employer fired you). Also if the employer does not pay salary mentioned in LC, you can leave them giving that reason (save the pay stubs for evidence later on, if asked for).

    3. If your employer simply do not offer you a job after the approval of GC, it still would not be yoru fault. In this scenario, likelyhood is that, you will be safe. However, this technically would be a sort of misrepresentation by the employer and on that grould USCIS can revoke your GC saying that "employer falsified the initial job offer and there was really no job ever for the position mentioned on LC". While this is a possibility it is a remote possibility.

    I would suggest option 1,2 and 3 in that order as "desirability" of your situation.

    Again I am not a lawyer, but this is what I can suggest as far as I know.

    Good Luck.


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  • abracadabra102
    03-17 01:27 PM
    no offense but the above doesn't make any sense what so ever, so does majority of your posts.
    and stop pretending to be a guru on immigration issues and leave the analysis part to the real experts.

    Peace :)

    LOL. You are spot on.

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  • kicca
    01-29 10:07 AM


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  • bekugc
    03-18 12:41 PM
    while we use Ead to chg to a different company during ac21, is it possible to first chg the company using ead and then later apply for h1 transfer ?

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  • brb2
    11-08 06:31 PM
    remember the bulk of the pending AOS are from retrogressed countries. So even those from ROW who have not yet filed (and may do so next few years) need to be added to the "pending AOS" in order to obtain the 'real' que size of pending AOS applications.


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  • Winner
    02-18 11:57 AM
    Hello IVans,
    My employer did not pay for I485 expenses (USCIS fees, Lawyer expenses and Medical exam expenses). I paid all these expenses out of my pocket. Today one of my friends told me that these expenses could qualify as tax-deductible expenses. I have my doubts, but want to get you thoughts.


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  • lazycis
    09-26 10:30 AM
    If employer revokes I-140 (even after 180 days) and I-485 get denied, you lose your old PD. So it's not set in stone.

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  • allegator
    03-18 08:45 AM
    I need advice..My project ended yesterday and I have another opportunity to work on EAD. I know my current employer will not be able to find a job for me as has been the case earlier and he will remove me from payroll soon. Can I start working with new employer and do not resign from my current employer?

    I need help on this as I do not want to terminate my job from my side.

    Any advice will be appreciated.


    09-21 06:50 PM
    The dates for filing shown in processing dates released on 9/19 do not concur with this information.

    07-19 07:41 AM
    Hi Dazed, thanks for your response. I checked the filing instructions on 485 form and it does not mention I 134 form any where. I did not file this form since my lawyer never asked me to do so.

    Do you or anyone in this forum know, what happens to the application in that case, RFE, etc?

    Thanks again.

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